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School-based Flu Shot Clinics

at Pickens County Schools

by the Pickens County Health Department

Watch your child's backpack for information to be sent home regarding this year's School-Based Flu Shot Clinics. Students will be vaccinated on-site by Pickens County Health Department nurses only with parental consent. A flu shot offers the best defense for your child against getting flu and spreading it to others. Getting vaccinated can reduce flu illnesses, doctor visits, missed worktime for you and missed school days for your child, and it can prevent flu-related hospitalizations and deaths among children. It will also prevent your child from spreading flu to others at home who may be too young to receive a flu shot or who may have a weakened immune system due to age or health issues. At the School-Based Flu Shot Clinic, the quadrivalent 4-in-1 flu vaccine will be used to protect your child against four strains of flu virus. There will be no cost to students - those with Medicaid, PeachCare or billable insurance will be billed. For children with no insurance, the state immunization program will cover the cost of the vaccination. Please contact the Pickens County Health Department for additional details or with questions at (706) 253-2821.


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